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Contemporary Counseling Options to Meet Your Lifestyle

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Counseling at your convenience
online & Late Hour

Readily access our scheduled sessions via phone, tablet or computer. Arrange late evening and weekend appointments around your weekday responsibilities.

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Therapy delivered to your door
house call sessions

Meet with me in the security and convenience of your own space. Receive practical support crafting an environment promoting your continued healing and growth. 








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Guidance on the Go
Walk-Talk therapy

Share your current challenges while enjoying the benefits of mindful movement. Take steps toward changing your life with a therapeutic change of pace. 

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Somatic relief on your schedule
Trauma-informed Therapeutic Yoga

Upgrade your self-care plan and join me for luxuriously grounding movement and visualization. Together, we can create an environment of relaxation and renewal inside and out. 


Demitra McDonald, LMFT

Hello. I want to help you live your own particular brand of awesome life. I am committed to empowering clients to know, love and accept themselves while adapting to life's challenges. Together, we can create therapeutic experiences that enable you to reach your goals.


Discover the Benefit

Is Awesome Life Therapy right for you?

Have you begun to feel something fundamental in your life is no longer working? Do you think you've known what your "issues" are for a while, and yet struggle to create meaningful change from that insight? Talking with me can help. 

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  Become a Client 

 Enjoy working with an experienced, objective partner you can trust to revamp your personal knowledge base. Receive compassionate guidance in Learning new skills to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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Begin Online Sessions  

sustainable counseling options adapted to your busy lifestyle. By Appointment Only.