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Demitra McDonald, LMFT 


Hi, I'm Demitra.  As a counselor my style is relational, direct, integrative and practical. I specialize in helping clients shape genuine, functional lives while managing symptoms of personal and professional life stress, chronic anxiety and intense mood swings. My therapeutic offerings are rooted in narrative, somatic, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral, and attachment theories. My practice is dedicated to holding space for those who feel unaccepted, insecure, messed up and "too much" to be seen, heard and met with appreciation. I have a deep belief in the restorative powers of self-knowledge, self-acceptance and unconditional self-love. 


I hold degrees in Counseling Psychology, Holistic Health and Gender and Communication. I am also certified to provide clinical hypnotherapy, domestic violence education, advocacy and counseling, yoga and meditation therapy, life coaching and acupressure bodywork. My life experience includes years of committed partnership, motherhood, professional performance artistry and practical study of human belief systems and cultures. With support and extensive self-exploration of the healing process I have walked my own successful path of recovery from chronic anxiety, obsessive perfectionism and past trauma.


As a holistic counselor, my therapeutic guidance draws upon all aspects of who I understand myself to be, what I believe and how I perceive within and outside myself. Your whole self has my respect- mind, body and spirit- as an authority on your own experience and architect of your own empowered healing.


Making change can be a challenge. Guided support can help navigate the obstacles. Let's figure it out together. I look forward to collaborating with you on creating and sustaining your awesome life.