Psychotherapy Session

For individuals, couples, families

Sessions available in office, in home, on-site & online

Mindful movement and meditation practices have been empirically proven to reduce symptoms of anger, stress, anxiety, sleep and mood disorders. There are mindfulness techniques that can increase the quality of connection between committed partners. Combining body-based approaches to knowing and processing life experiences with talk therapy can yield insight, mind-body relief, and practical skills for addressing symptoms in the moment and long term. 

Our sessions may include:

  • Integrative, trauma-sensitive somatic talk therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral skills based in yogic principles
  • Breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga poses (asana)
  • Sequential, gently-paced flowing movement (Vinyasa Yoga)
  • Kriyas- breath, posture & sound designed for specific outcome (Kundalini Yoga)
  • Guided visualization, silent meditation, vocalization and meditative chanting
  • Practical skills for emotional regulation and trigger management
  • Holistic wellness education for self care

*Clinical hypnotherapy relaxation and emotional release interventions can create profoundly relieving and restorative mind-body healing when offered during yoga therapy. Please speak to me about deepening your yoga therapy experience with clinical hypnosis.

Online Wellness Session

Individual sessions available on your schedule

Groups of 5+ persons scheduled upon mutual agreement

Trauma-sensitive, therapeutic yoga and meditation accessible by smartphone, tablet or computer. No prior experience needed. **These are movement and breath-based experiences and do not include talk therapy.**

Yoga wellness online may particularly benefit those who:

  • are interested in relaxing mind and body at home in preparation for sleep
  • already see a psychotherapist and are building their self-care resources
  • are inexperienced with yoga and/or desire a tailored approach to growth
  • do not have access to affordable, trauma-sensitive community classes
  • prefer not to attend a community studio or gym yoga class for any reason, including body-consciousness, emotional state, finances, etc
  • cannot attend community classes due to scheduling, busy lifestyle, no childcare, etc
  • are unable to leave home due to anxiety level, physical health state, etc



Yoga therapy is available in office, on-site and online

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