Relationship Counseling



For Committed Relationships

Areas of Specialization:

  • Interracial, multicultural, inter-faith, LGBTQQIA relationships
  • Strength in transitions: cohabitation, marriage, parenthood, separation
  • Clear, effective and open communication
  • Increasing intimacy, empathy, mutual appreciation/enjoyment
  • Thriving in relationship amid parenting/professional responsibilities
  • Preconception challenges, pregnancy struggles, postpartum depression & anxiety
  • Disengagement from repetitive relationship patterns 
  • Codependency and healthy boundaries
  • Distrust, resentment, betrayal, infidelity
  • Mental health diagnosis of a partner

For Families

Areas of Specialization:

  • Families of color, interracial, multicultural, inter-faith, LGBTQQIA 
  • Enjoying family life together and ending the infinite work/chore cycle
  • Creating a family culture of open communication, mutual support and wellness
  • Conflict: including parent-teen, sibling, in-law
  • Raising a safe family as a survivor of childhood abuse

  • Co-parenting & Blended families

  • Navigating the pre/post adoption process
  • Support for mental health and medical diagnosis of parent, child, family history
  • Transitions: location/career change, new child, college launch, divorce
  • Parent-adult child relational strain and conflict
  • Alternative lifestyles: homeschooling, creative performance/sports focused, traveling
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Is relationship counseling right for you?

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