Therapy Options

Awesome Life Therapy offers client-centered individual, relationship, family and yoga therapy sessions

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Clients are able to choose among a variety of flexible options for engaging in therapy, made accessible via confidential teletherapy software and HIPAA-Compliant technology

In Person Therapy

therapy is provided in office, in Home & on-site throughout the community

  • Holistic psychotherapy in my Oakland office, at your home/office or a convenient community location
  • Walk-Talk therapy in a natural setting, through your preferred neighborhood or near your work site.
  • Yoga therapy in my office, a natural setting, at your home/office or a preferred community location
  • Customized personal & professional retreats, workshops and trainings for individuals, groups and organizations

Online Therapy

Made possible by free, confidential app for android or ios

  • Late hour scheduling available for video & live chat
  • Face to face psychotherapy by video chat
  • Live chat text-based sessions, scheduled in real time
  • Weekly unlimited message therapy via email or text
  • Yoga-based psychotherapy by video chat
  • Affordable consultation, coaching & guided wellness options
  • Yoga and meditation self-care classes, workshops and training for individuals, groups and organizations

What's the difference between Live chat therapy and message Therapy?

Live chat therapy requires scheduling an appointment to meet with me at a specific time of day for a text-based therapy session in real time. It requires the download and use of a free app for your confidentiality. Message therapy is sharing your experiences at any time, any or every day of the week, receiving my feedback and therapeutic guidance within a reasonable time frame. This is done through HIPAA-compliant email or the same free app used for live chat sessions. Unlike live chat, message therapy fees are per week of unlimited access.