Let someone love you just as you are. As flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you might feel, as unaccomplished as you might think you are; let someone love you just as you are. And let that someone be you.
— Sandra King
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Why Awesome Life Therapy?

Persons of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, communities, and spiritual traditions are welcomed into therapeutic connection with me. I support clients in cultivating greater self-love, higher self-esteem, emotional healing, functional lifestyles and more satisfying relationships with themselves, partners and loved ones.

This practice is dedicated to helping people live an awesome life.

So what makes a life awesome? In a word, love.

Not romantic love, though I do know that can be a very awesome part of life for many persons.

I'm talking about self-love.

The kind that doesn't doubt your right to cultivate a life that fits who you are, meets your needs, and sets you up to thrive in the face of life's challenges and obstacles.

I mean an unshakable sense of unconditional love that enables you to speak up for yourself when necessary, to make decisions because they're right for you even when others disagree, take a risk on the career you want, and alter or end any relationship that is not meeting your needs, especially if you are mistreated.

With enough self-love, you can explore the reality of your personal story and forgive yourself for not being further along on your healing journey.

With self-acceptance, you can stop secretly believing you're awful, acting invulnerable, pretending your home/work life is perfect, and judging yourself mercilessly for falling short of standards.

With self-compassion, you can let go of the fear and shame that tell you to withdraw into isolation during those times you no longer have the energy to put on the "I've got it all together" show.

You can silence the inner critic, see yourself as enough, begin to think, speak and act from that insight. You can choose to live in a way that allows you to feel confident, competent and secure. You can maintain healthy, respectful, loving and safe relationships with yourself and others.  

Together we can explore the wounds of the past, hurtful thoughts, actions and decisions, and current life stressors inhibiting the ability to accept yourself with compassion, flawed humanity and all.

My skilled experience will guide you in crafting the inner skills and external lifestyle changes to nurture the needs of your present self, balanced with your holistic goals for the future. 

Ready to stop holding yourself back?

Ready to figure out why you aren't enjoying your self, work or relationships as much as you think you should AND take steps to find that joy?

Ready to drop the act, move past the fear and start expressing your truly awesome, authentic self?