Frequently Asked Questions


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How does therapy with you work?

In session I welcome you warmly and invite you to share whatever comes to mind, to whatever extent you feel comfortable. We explore who you are, what concerns bring you to counseling, and the challenges you face in addressing these concerns at your pace. I listen to you intently, ask questions for clarity, accept what you express openly, with empathy, interest and no judgement, allowing our active relationship to develop naturally without pushing my own agenda. 

Our sessions won't be passive, with you doing all the talking and me answering your questions with "What do YOU think about that?". When you simply need to be heard in session, I will hear and hold your expression. When you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work making change, I will join you. Together, we will develop a treatment plan to address your concerns, based on your goals.

We will examine what is working for you and why as well as what is not working for you and how it might adjust to suit you better. We will identify your goals. We will determine what is required to put you on the road to achieving your goals. I will teach you skills for tolerating the distress of navigating transitions, making change, and facing reality when you've stepped off or taken a detour from your path. As your therapist, I can help guide you to doing what it takes to get yourself back on course.

As we collaborate, we will periodically discuss your evolving therapeutic needs and goals, including an appropriate time for you to transition out of active client status. At any point in future, you are welcome and encouraged to return to active client status to resume our work or move toward new goals.

Can {online} therapy actually help me?

Honestly, yes and no. Yes, psychotherapy can help improve lives and multiple research studies agree online therapy (also called e-therapy, web therapy, teletherapy or cyber counseling) is a suitable and effective method of engaging mental health, lifestyle and relationship counseling. No, not if you don't do your part. Our work together is a partnership. Though you may be struggling and in need of guided support, I don't believe you are broken and need me to fix you. If we connect and pool our resources to face your challenges, you will feel helped by participating in therapy whether we meet in my office or online.

How do I know my privacy is protected when communicating with you? 

Your privacy is of utmost importance. Therapists have a legal responsibility to safeguard the identity and protected health information of clients. I utilize a variety of business service providers operating in compliance with the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Accordingly, I am able to offer clients safe, accessible electronic communication throughout the therapeutic experience.

my days are productive, flexible and long. Can we meet in person at my workplace? can my walk-talk sessions be in different places?

Of course. Whether for an in person yoga therapy session at noon in downtown Oakland or individual counseling in your San Francisco office at 2 pm, I am happy to meet you "on site" for therapy rather than "in office" at a location and time that fits within your active professional schedule. Walk-Talk and outdoor yoga therapy sessions may be scheduled at consistent times and locations or planned according to when and where you will be available to meet in a given week. 

Do you Accept Insurance?

Not at this time. My services may be eligible for reimbursement from your health plan as an "Out of Network Provider". I can readily provide you with billing statements to submit to your insurer for this purpose.

do you offer low income rates or sliding scale fees?

Absolutely, I do. I firmly believe everyone deserves access to quality care. Online therapy sessions are available at a reduced rate subject to the availability of my schedule, and client income and circumstances. Office sessions will be made available to existing clients on a priority basis as needed. If you have a concern regarding fees, please discuss it with me. Should further accommodations be necessary, I will provide referrals.

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I'm not flexible, my brain doesn't do quiet, and I have real problems I can't just breathe away. what can yoga therapy do for me?

Yoga and meditation are known to offer relief from symptoms of stress, anxiety, mood disorders and relationship disconnection. Our yoga therapy won't require you to have any certain skill, physical ability, religious belief or inner harmony. Yoga happens in the moment, accepts you as you are, sees you are enough. It is from this perspective that our sessions are crafted for your benefit.

I am in crisis. can we schedule an appointment for tomorrow?

The answer to this question comes in parts with caveats. Generally speaking, message therapy and live chat can begin at any time. Online counseling may be scheduled next day provided there is a mutually agreeable time to meet. In person sessions often require additional time to coordinate scheduling and the intake process, including navigating weather and locale for walk-talk sessions. Of primary concern to me is safety. If you are in urgent crisis, if you think you might harm yourself or someone else, or if you are in need of psychiatry yet refuse psychiatric care, my practice does not offer a sufficient level of care to meet your needs. Please contact me for a referral.