Individual Counseling

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.
— Paulo Coelho
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 For Adults and Teens 

Empowerment-based, collaborative therapy designed to meet your goals.

Therapy can help you effectively manage life transitions, psychological symptoms, relationship distress and self-negating patterns of behavior.

Areas of specialization:

  • Self love, self esteem, identity & finding where you fit in
  • Managing anxiety, stress, mood swings & panic
  • Overcoming perfectionism, hyper-criticism, self-abandoning & self neglect
  • Difficulty trusting self and others & expressing emotions to self and others
  • Asking for what you want, speaking up for yourself and saying no
  • Repetitive relationship patterns & functional communication
  • Relationship distress, isolation, codependency & conflict aversion/resolution
  • Infertility stress, miscarriage grief, unplanned pregnancy struggles
  • Postpartum depression & anxiety, breastfeeding stress, paternal postnatal depression
  • Functional living with bipolar, chronic anxiety, depression, ptsd
  • Life/Career transitions & getting unstuck
  • Authentic living, following purpose, feeling the spirit and going where it leads
  • Health concerns: severe allergies, phobia, chronic pain, MCS
  • Sustainable treatment and self-care plans grounded in holistic wellness principles


For Healers, Creatives & Activists

Trauma-informed, inter-sectional counseling, holistic wellness and consultation sessions for professional helpers, creative personalities, performers, community builders, and caregivers.

Areas of focus:

  • Affordable affirming support for BLM, Antifa, #MeToo, #NeverAgain & other activists
  • Affordable affirming support for therapists, interns & students of the healing arts
  • Expressive arts and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for survivor recovery
  • Exploring and navigating the world as a person of color
  • Exploring and navigating the world as a person who is "othered"
  • Healing the wounds of intergenerational trauma in a colonized society
  • Ally support unpacking guilt, shame, pain related to privilege and oppressive ancestry
  • Vicarious trauma from exposure to police assaults and mass violence in person, through second hand account and observed audio/video footage
  • Emotional overwhelm, sleep issues, cynicism, hopelessness from negative news cycles
  • Self-neglect management for the over-extended to help function without burnout
  • Compassion fatigue, burnout, progressive feeling of apathy in caretaking/productivity
  • Allowing space and time for self, reflection and recharge without guilt or shame
  • Find/rediscover personal vision, stoke the creative fire, put passion into action
  • Hypnotherapy and guided visualization for deep healing, self-discovery and creative blocks

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